CLIMB Youth Performing Arts Academy (CYPAA) is designed to teach youth the fundamentals of Performing arts through dance, theater, and music. The program provides a safe social outlet for youth including the opportunity to interact with young adults and industry professionals.


The CLIMB Youth Basketball Camp (CYBC) is designed to teach youth the fundamentals of basketball through good sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership building. In addition, the program provides an outlet for youth, including the opportunity to interact with collegiate and professional athletes.


The CLIMB Business Academy (CBA) is designed to educate high school sophomores and juniors about the fundamentals of a career in business. Through innovative teaching strategies and an interactive hands-on learning environment, CBA strives to equip participants with a thorough introduction to business etiquette and competitive business knowledge.



The CLIMB Youth Leadership Institute (CYLI) is designed to promote leadership through relevant workshops, self-exploration, and service as it relates to the essential components of being an effective leader.



The CLIMB Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Institute (CSTEMI) is designed to prepare, enhance, and expose youth to the fundamentals of math, modern technology, and careers within the STEM realm.



The CLIMB College Prep Program (CCPP) is designed to prepare youth to be attractive, competitive candidates in the application process for higher education. Through academic assessment and guidance, experiences on various college and university campuses, mentorship, and high expectations, our participants will become successful individuals eager to contribute to the community of their chosen institutions of higher education.


Youth Motivation Task Force (YMTF) is a program built to motivate, encourage, and reinforce the value of education and it’s relevance in choosing the career you desire. YMTF exposes youth to young professionals as well as college students and allows interaction through presentation and discussion.



The Gift of Giving is a holiday event that provides under-privileged youth with holiday toys and gifts as well as the spirit and feeling of compassionate care from the ‘the village’.