On behalf of Creating Leaders In Mind and Body Inc. (CLIMB), I am delighted to welcome you to our website and online community. There are few challenges greater than providing underserved youth within our communities with the resources, opportunities, and positive role models necessary ensure their well-being and success. There are equally few organizations which bring greater satisfaction to those who contribute to its mission. All of our stakeholders – our community partners, our Board, our staff, and our volunteers – and more importantly our program participants have and will continue to benefit greatly from CLIMB's good works.


We are especially proud of the participants in CLIMB's programs, many of whom have emerged as leaders, demonstrating increased emotional maturity, increased professional and academic acumen, willingness to take on responsibility or speak in front of groups, and to take calculated risks which will encourage long-term emotional and academic growth. We also seek to boast our strong volunteer base which has helped to guide our array of programs to great successes -- our community youth programs and initiatives will continue to serve as the foundation for our community outreach efforts.


Looking ahead, this year we are preparing to develop key relationships and increase our funding efforts by further exploring our professional and corporate networks. In addition, we also aim to increase outreach through the community: through the local school districts and community organizations.


CLIMB is a community-based organization whose mission is to assist community members in "rising to the top." We invite each of you to join us in making our mission a commonplace reality in our community.


Thank you again for your interest in CLIMB; we look forward to your participation in our continued efforts to make substantial change in our community.


Sincerely Yours,

Kenneth Billups III
Executive Director, CLIMB, Inc.